Through the Aftermath
Through the Aftermath is a podcast that focuses on the post-apocalyptic genre of media. Join your hosts Shawn and Jonathan each episode as they explore the latest news, stories, reviews and more. While the main focus will be gaming, they will also discuss any other forms of media that have influenced their favorite post-apocalyptic pastime. Through the Aftermath is a member of the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective.
Through the Aftermath Episode 53

In this episode, Shawn is joined by Jim "The Tank" Dorsey, the man, myth, and legend behind the Lord Humungus character at various conventions and the Wasteland Weekend event in LA. You can also see his Road Pig costume in the photos from last episode. Tank talks about his inspiration to play the character and how he got involved with the post-apocalyptic genre from a young age.


The intro clip you heard was Tank and his Dogs of War kicking off Wasteland Weekend 2014, courtesy of the Apocalyptic Post.


You can also check out Tank in the short film Mad Max: A Wasteland Story.

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