Through the Aftermath
Through the Aftermath is a podcast that focuses on the post-apocalyptic genre of media. Join your hosts Shawn and Jonathan each episode as they explore the latest news, stories, reviews and more. While the main focus will be gaming, they will also discuss any other forms of media that have influenced their favorite post-apocalyptic pastime. Through the Aftermath is a member of the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective.

Mad Max: Fury Road is releasing this week, and Shawn & Jonathan decided it might be fun to talk about some of the lesser-known tidbits from the Mad Max trilogy lore up to this point. Is Fury Road the fourth installment sequentially? Is it a sequel to Beyond Thunderdome? Will there be a Lord of the Flies theme? Will the oil finally be left and will everyone just walk away? Listen and find out!


 For the next episode, we plan to tell our thoughts on the movie after we it, so look for that one coming soon(ish)!


Theme music is The Fourth Tribe by Michael Gordon Shapiro. Used with permission.

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